The slides below show the medal making process. The medals in question will be exhibited in New Zealand at the Headland Pavillion Gallery (in association with Waiheke Art Gallery) as part of Sculpture on the Gulf.The exhibition is curated by medal group artist, and talented sculptor, Steve Woodward. The exhibition is called ‘Inside’ and the theme of the show is ‘hollow’, which can be interpreted physically or conceptually, as I have chosen to do. Either way, the small medals will offer a contrast to the large, heavy outdoor sculpture that will be shown alongside. What is even better about this show is that I will get to see it in the flesh when I am back on the fair shores of Aotearoa in February.


New Zealand Medal Artists @ Headland Pavillion Gallery

24 January – 17 February 2013

I am a sculptor, hailing from West Auckland, New Zealand and now reside in London. My main sculptural mediums are ceramics and art medals.