A new start… promise

Ok, so suffice to say, I’ve neglected this site a bit! It’s been a while…

I’ve just given her a new lick of paint and I’m making a promise that I’ll try a bit harder.

I think part of the problem was that I felt a bit ‘cornered’ by the subject matter – It’s hard just to write about art that I’m making or art shows I’ve been to, because in reality I haven’t been making that much and I haven’t been going to that many art shows – so I just stopped posting.

The thing is though that there are lots of things I’ve been doing, things I see and places I go outside the ‘art’ sphere that I find interesting, beautiful, that make think and make me want to make art.

So watch this space, I’m gonna do a bit better at sharing some shit.

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I am a sculptor, hailing from West Auckland, New Zealand and now reside in London. My main sculptural mediums are ceramics and art medals.