Medals made it!

My medals have finally made it from the foundry in Limehouse Basin, London all the way to Auckland, New Zealand.

They had quite the journey. The four medals were held up in customs for over a week while officials assessed whether they were entering the country to be sold, who was in charge of them and tax that had to be paid. A stressful time as all the work that has been put in to the art pieces and the efforts made to meet deadlines hangs in the balance with someone who (potentially) sees them as commodity only. The works in the exhibition the medals were made specifically for are not for sale, but try and convince a customs official of that. Moreover, I had been charged VAT (UK equivilent of GST) in the UK, however, last time I sent work to NZ  I was advised I didn’t need to pay this as they were going off shore. When you are talking taxes in the tune of hundreds of $ / £ these details make a big difference. 

This is an area I need to ‘school’ up on (homework note to self) as I think my ignorance has cost me some coin! I am just thankful that the wonderful Marte Szirmay, talented sculptor and curator of the upcoming Medal Artist New Zealand exhibtion ‘Regroup, Reflect, Regenerate’ at the Pah Homestead, was willing to liaise with customs and sort out tax payments and so forth! Thank you Marte.

‘Regroup, Reflect, Regenerate’ opens at the Pah Homestead in the Upper Galleries on the 21st July 2015 and runs until 20 September 2015. Visit the Pah Homestead website for more information. There is a great line up of events as well.

Here’s a sneak peak at one of my medals ‘Sell Fish’ which will feature in the show, in various stages of production:
1. Sculpted in wax – The fish depicted is a ‘Dentice’ fish found in Sicily and from which my family surname derives.


2. The patina process begins by heating the bronze piece which has been cast using the lost wax  process


3. The fish is ready to take the patinna – at this point I reconsider applying a patina at all, as I like the way it looks in the bronze…  

4. The patina is applied 


5. Finished!

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I am a sculptor, hailing from West Auckland, New Zealand and now reside in London. My main sculptural mediums are ceramics and art medals.

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  1. Excellent posting! I love the look of you latest work! Seems like your frustration of not getting enough work done has paid off in an awkward way 🙂 QUALITY at any price is an achievement! Well done Marte!

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