Hard luck

Hard luck

This is the final post in my series of four posts on the medals I exhibited at the Pah Homestead in the Medal Artists New Zealand 25th Anniversary exhibition.

Hard luck | Medal | Bronze | 2015
Hard luck | Medal | Bronze | 2015

Note the past tense above? Yeah well, the exhibition is over so if you meant to see it, but never made it – hard luck!

Which quite nicely brings me to the topic of this post – the last medal I am going to write about is entitled ‘hard luck’.

It’s a very simplistic idea, sculpted in the form of a four leaf clover and cast in bronze, it is quite literally a combination of hard material with a symbol of luck.

Sounds simple, and it is by no means a complicated shape to sculpt but for some reason, I just couldn’t get it the way I wanted it. I think maybe I just wasn’t that into it. I mean I liked the idea, thought it playful and liked the cultural references but I wasn’t invested in the idea like I was the others.

I screwed up about four different versions of it and then abandoned the idea altogether for a bit, tried a diamond shape, then went back to the four leaf clover again. It really felt like I was pulling teeth. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have persisted but I had in my head that I wanted to exhibit all new medals for this show (though this wasn’t mandated) and I also wanted to do four medals. Actually, I had wanted to do five, but that really would have been stretching it as I was also up against it time wise. I had to allow at least a month at the foundry and a month to get them to New Zealand.

Another reason I was determined to stick with the leaf was that is nicely fit with the ‘natural’ theme of the other medals and, like the other medals there was the play on words – I wanted the continuity so they would be considered as a series.

I’m relatively happy with the final result. I think it plays an important role visually as part of the series and is really accessible conceptually so it may help people to de-code the others too.

What do you think? Is it the weak link?


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