Pedal to the… MEDAL!
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Pedal to the… MEDAL!

I’ve just come back from the XXXIV (that’s 34th, kids) International Medal Federation (FIDEM) congress which was held this year in Gent, Belgium and thought it about time I did another one of these posts.

I’ve been a member of FIDEM for 7 years, but it was my ‘first time’ attending a congress. The congresses, held biannually, are hosted each time by a different country, providing a great opportunity to travel somewhere new, do some ‘arting’ and meet a bunch of like minded medallers.

The congress involved talks and socialising and field trips and socialising along with an exhibition of medals (and did I mention socialising?) all jam packed into just under a week.

This year 33 countries were represented in the exhibition and the range of styles, techniques and materials was just as diverse. The programme of lectures contained many thought provoking talks that were equally challenging and informative.

The congress is attended by a mix of artists, academics, collectors and dealers from all over the globe. And it was this, above all else, that made it such a great time – I’ve made myself some great new buddies!

Although currently still recovering from the congress, I’m feeling pretty motivated to get stuck in after a bit of a hiatus over summer of music festivals and travelling, so watch this space!

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I am a sculptor, hailing from West Auckland, New Zealand and now reside in London. My main sculptural mediums are ceramics and art medals.

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